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Its about time to start planning the roll out of BeeCherokee. The innovative technology truly make this app the first of its kind in Cherokee County, GA. Our proximity based app allows users to pull up one app for the entire county for shopping, dining and events.  It tells you all the great deals in your immediate location and events that are planned all based on your actual location.  Imagine walking into a store to be greeted with a welcome and special offers or a chance to win a free gift. We even work with Facebook to reward you for your birthday. This new shopping experience is about to be a reality. Welcome to BeeCherokee. The final submission has been made to both Google Play for android devises and the Apple Store. If your interested in getting your business listed with BeeCherokee, please email for more details.

Our belief is simple, make a fun interactive app that drive the local consumer back to the local community. This does a few things, first it offers great deals to local buyers, second it increases loyalty to local merchants and finally with local dollars coming back into the community. That just makes our community a better place to live.  That’s why our moto is Live Local, Buy local, Bee Local.